Hey Flex friends!

Sorry for the lack of a proper website, but I just don't have time.  Right now, the only thing I have here is the link to the files I have for using my MIDI controller with my Flex-6700 and SmartSDR.    NOTE:  This is a 321MB zip file, and frankly, can't tell you exactly everything that is in there.  I was messing with it years ago, and I haven't been back to it since.   But here is what I CAN tell you.  What I got back then included source code for the EXE file, and some program called "Processing" which seems like a sort of Arduino IDE kind of software.  Even the code seemed like Arduino.   It was enough for me to muddle through and tweak some of the buttons to my liking, and spit out an EXE file that I use with my Behringer CMD Micro DJ controller.   I included the entire folder, because I don't know which parts are needed, and which parts aren't.   Node that I did not write this software.  I don't know exactly who did, and we should probably find that guy and make sure we have his blessing to mess with it, but I leave that up to you guys.

DISCLAIMER:  I'm not a software engineer.  I'm not a computer programmer.  I'm just a guy with a GED and a "Give 'Em Hell" attitude!

Best 73!

Jason NR0X